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The Postmodern Bookstore specializes in books for those learned in the liberal arts, and those who want to be learned in such. My personal writing has included: Plato’s Gift to Christianity, The Platonic Bible and The Profound Charm of Plato: a defense of his greatness. Other works include: Suicide in the Roman Empire, Platonic Island, The Joy of Embracing God and Building a Life by Carpenter Jesus. Store phone number is 619-422-8701. Love to hear from fellow mates who want to join time in the Think Factory.

Over 17,000 Books covering many Special Interests Including:

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Reviews for Plato’s Gift to Christianity

Rodger I. Meinz Ph.D. (Clinical & Consulting Psychology: Seattle WA)

       “Really, Really well done…the quotations by Jesus and Plato split side by side–how powerful! how powerful!.;.a beautiful job…just amazing..the work on the Church Fathers was just extraordinary.”

Jack Dean Kingsbury Th.D. (Retired Aubrey Lee Brooks Professor of Biblical Theology, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA)

         “A very nice job…the portions of most interest to me were the sections on Hellenism, but it was interesting all the way through…the Platonic Jesus and the Platonic New Testament…quite a piece of work…A magnificent job..well done.”

From Book Reviewer Wayne C. Lusvardi

          “Reading Jerry Dell Ehrlich’s book Plato’s Gift to Christianity is likely to be an eye-opening experience. This underrated book is a paradigm shift no less that that found in science by the shift to the Copernican over the Polemaic worldview. Ehrlich sets out to answer a simple fundamental question: “Why, if Jesus and all the disciples were Jewish, is the entire New Testament written in Greek?” And “Why within 100 years of Jesus’s reported religious ministry were all the leaders of the Christian Church Greek speaking?”  Ehrlich’s answers to these questions are compelling…Highly recommended.”

Father John Dolan: “This is a must read for any Christian who wants to understand just how important the Greek speaking nations were to the early Christians and to Jesus himself.”


The Platonic Tradition – Plato’s Contribution to Western Civilization

Tradition Cover sqThe Platonic Tradition

Now available on Smashwords

The Platonic Tradition – Plato’s Contribution to Western Civilization is a 42 page article
“And we should consider that God gave the sovereign part of the human soul to be the divinity of each one of us…and inasmuch as we are a plant not of an earthly but of a heavenly growth, raises us from earth to our kindred who are in heaven” (Plato Timaeus 90a) 1

Such are the words of Plato in his Timaeus. The dialogues of Plato are the source of all of Western Spirituality, yet we hardly know him. He has been followed, studied, loved and adored by those who are aware of what he brought to humanity. Constantine Ritter, the great German Platonist who died in 1936, ended his condensed book on Plato with these words:

“In this I tried briefly to characterize Plato’s meaning for all time. To me, he is a philosopher second to none; an artist of first rank; a man favored by God as few others have been; unforgettable for all time; releasing spiritual powers which have been a blessing to many and which will continue to be a blessing for all time.”2

Yet, for the great majority of humanity, including those trained in theology, have never met the man, Plato, and many of those who have met him have misread him, criticized him unfairly, and in some cases put him in hell, as did Dante in his Divine Comedy. His philosophy is in the very air we breathe and is the oxygen of our spiritual being, yet we do not even notice him. This was stated well by Alfred Edward Taylor in his Platonism and its Influence in these words:

“If we sometimes underestimate our debt in these matters to Plato, it is only because Platonic ideas have become so completely part and parcel of our best tradition in morals and religion. His influence, like the pressure of the atmosphere, goes undetected because we never really get free from it.”3

The final introductory quotation I shall give in summary are the words of Alfred North Whitehead in his Process and Reality.

“The safest general characterization of European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”4

Whoever you are, a philosopher or a spiritual minister, remember, honor to whom honor is due, you are a footnote to Plato, and in that you are indeed fortunate.



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Platonic Island Now Available as an Ebook


PIFrontCoverFinalPlatonic Island

by Jerry Dell Ehrlich

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Platonic Island is a story of the bold and daring attempt of the idealistic efforts of kidnapped and abandoned young adults that are isolated upon a small unchartered island in Oceana who decided that they would create among themselves a community completely liberated from traditional social prohibitions. From the initial two survivors, Jason who was twenty-three and Jocelyn who was sixteen, came a small group that fought for their ideal world: a new value system and a break away from customary religious and social barriers in their quest to establish a dream community. Their very survival was challenged, by the elements and animal life, by pirates and other adventurers, and by natural physical needs. They fought to save their family and remain apart from the very outside world that had brutalized them in the first place, even if it meant the death of all of them.


Jerry Dell Ehrlich Ph.D., is a writer of philosophical, historical and theological works, including Suicide in the Roman Empire, Plato’s Gift to Christianity and The Platonic Bible among others.

A story of courage, romance, passion and love.




Ebook Published by iCrew Digital Productions



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The American Transcendentalists – A lecture by Jerry Dell Ehrlich, Ph.D.

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Platonic Island – Chapter One

Platonic Island

by Jerry Dell Ehrlich

The Second Edition will be available soon from iCrew Digital Productions on Amazon as an ebook and paperback.


PICoverThey sat quietly seemly in a hopeless and fearful mood, wondering why they were kidnapped and loosely tied together in the back of an airplane that had already stopped once for gas on a remote island. Jason was 23 years old and just about to start his first year as a candidate for a Ph.D. in philosophy and a minor in natural science, and Jocelyn was only 16 studying natural science in the local high school. They had just come out from a meeting of the City of Los Angeles’ annual gathering of the young students interested in the sciences, and, on the way to the dimly lit parking lot were nabbed by three gun toting men, in what it appeared, to be in their 30s. They were told that only absolute silence would keep them alive. They were silent and did not resist, although their natural inclination was to fight. Both were tall, Jason 6’3″ and Jocelyn 5’10, and athletic. They wondered ever since, and are still wondering now in the back of the plane why they were kidnapped. Naturally, it had to have been a misidentification of persons, but for what? They could only conjecture that they were mistaken for a couple of youthful drug pushers to their high school and college mates and had withheld money or had turned against the dealers and were going to testify against them. This was in fact the actual reason why they were kidnapped and why they probably would never see the United States again. Every glimpse that they could get from their position was of water, never any land. Once taken into the heart of the drug lord’s territory and having seen the set up, they knew they would never be released again. They had discussed what would happen to them. Jason feared the most for his life and Jocelyn feared that, because she was quite attractive, that she would be used by one or many of the men in the camp as a sex slave. They had seen the plane when boarding and it was a medium sized plane with two engines, that, they felt, had a travelling range of many miles, and since they had already stopped on an island to refuel, they knew they were going to be far away from L.A. And also, maybe, far away from any continent, isolated far out in the Pacific Ocean.

After about three hours from the time of refueling, they heard laughter and some goofing around between the pilot and copilot, one daring the other to do something. They had been drinking beer, and had thrown at least ten cans over their shoulders to where Jason and Jocelyn were sitting. They were complaining about how far out into the ocean they had to fly to avoid both the naval and air patrols of the various countries they were flying around to get to their destination. It greatly increased the time of the flight and they were trying to shake it off by playfulness and lousy jokes. As they passed over a very small, uninhabited island they noticed a rock formation sticking out into the ocean that had a huge hole in it, probably forty yards high and sixty yards wide. The pilot said to the other that it was so big one could easily fly through it. The other told him not to get any bright ideas, but the ideas were already fixed in the mind of the pilot, for going through the hole would give a little life to the boring trip. He turned around the plane, and both Jason and Jocelyn looked at each other and quickly freed themselves from the loosely tied ropes and eyed their personal belongings, which amounted to only two light sweaters, their backpacks into which they quickly stuffed a couple of empty plastic bottles, and her purse. As the plane slowed down for the approach, it lowered itself to only about twenty feet above sea level. As they saw the plane approaching the hole, they took the opportunity to get close to the escape door at the side of the plane, for the pilot and his copilot were totally absorbed in getting the plane through the hole. At the last moment they forced open the door and as Jocelyn jumped, Jason hit the pilot in the head as hard as he could with a small metal disc and quickly jumped out as the plane veered off to the left. They both hit the water perhaps a little harder and sank a little deeper than they expected, being so close to shore. They hit the bottom and used it to push themselves up towards the surface, and began the painful struggle to reach the shore. Unaware that the plane had veered enough to the left that it clipped its left wing half off as it tried to pass though the hole, they reached the surface and both took a deep breath and headed for shore which was only about 100 feet away.

They flopped down on their backs breathing heavily and looked at each other with a great sigh of relief, even though Jocelyn could not hold back the emotional tears as she wept, wondering what their fate was and if the pilots made it through the hole or not.

After a brief rest, they stood up and looked toward the rock, and saw part of the left wing, partly resting on the beach and partly on the water. Obviously, the plane did not make it through the hollow safely and was on the other side of the rock where it must have crashed. This caused concern that the pilots, if they survived, had handguns and that they themselves still might be prisoners to two very angry men. Both of them hoped that the pilot and his copilot were dead, and no longer a personal threat.

Jocelyn, angry and scared, blurted out, “Good God, I hope they are both dead!”

Jason nodded affirmatively and said “Yes, indeed, that way we will at least be on our own to survive — if that is possible here.”

The two young people came to the stark realization of their peril. Either way, they were going to have a major challenge ahead, As they walked slowly and fearfully towards the crash, they were breathing heavily and froze still a couple of times, but hesitatingly they continued to move towards the rock which was still obscuring their view of the other side. What would they see when they looked over the rock?

Again Jocelyn said, “They better be dead!”

When they arrived at the rock formation, they carefully climbed to the top which was only about twenty feet, and stopped just short of being able to look over it and see what had happened. They sighed and held hands as they edged up to peek over the formation and to see what could be seen without making themselves too visible. The wreckage was shattered everywhere on the shore line. Evidently the clipping of the left wing on the left side pulled the plane sharply to the left and the plane crashed head-on into the rock formation and was almost beyond recognition as a plane.

“Good.” they both said, thinking it to be impossible for the two men to have survived.

The cockpit was somewhat intact but smashed in and almost flattened. They approached with strong hopes that their captors were at least in no condition to survive. But they still were very cautious because their captors had handguns. When next to the blind side of the cockpit, Jason helped lift up Jocelyn high enough that she could peek into the cockpit. As she did, she was motionless for a few seconds as she took in the grim scene. Both pilots were mangled beyond recognition, one having been pierced entirely through with the broken glass of the windshield. Jason eased her down and they both went to the other side, quite relieved, to more easily approach the cockpit. Then Jason saw the bloodied and mangled bodies and, with a contorted face, said, “Ugh, gruesome.”

“Beautiful,” replied Jocelyn, carrying her obvious hatred beyond the death of the pilots. “Should we let them rot or burn their bodies? “she asked Jason. She obviously was not willing to spend any time or energy digging a grave for the two “bastards” as she started to refer to them.

“We’ll burn them.” answered Jason. Jason wanted to do it immediately, for no other purpose than to get to the two handguns strapped to their bodies.

Jocelyn recommended that they try to save as much out of the water as they could first so that it would not be soaked so badly it would not be worth much, for they both knew they had to quickly salvage everything they could.

But Jason, fearful that there might be other people or some wild animals on the small island, wanted the guns first.

Jocelyn then agreed. Finally after removing the door, which was partially open anyway but jammed, they were able to pull out the bloody bodies of the two pilots. Jocelyn hated the very touch of the two criminals and declared them to be free of their prison, and now they can proceed to the hell of fire which she could hardly wait to light. They both had cigarette lighters that they always carried with them, even though neither of them ever smoked, but being naturalists at heart always felt that they should be able make a fire at any time. How fortunate for them now. However, the bodies were soaked with water as well as blood and burning them was not going to be so easy.

They sat down to rest and talked about the possibility that although the pilots were dead and that threat had been removed, they had a very unknown destiny before them. It was frightening to them, but after a sufficient rest, they then sought to save what was in the wrecked plane and take the salvageable materials out of the water and move up higher on the sand where it was farther from the water lest a higher tide would sweep things away. Every little thing they saved seemed to delight them, for everything would be helpful for the future. They saw, wedged between to rocks, a large barrel. They were anxious and hopeful. Jocelyn ran back to the toolbox that was part of either the plane or some cargo for delivery, and opened it up and took out a wrench by which to open the cap to the barrel. It was slanted in such a way that if completely opened, whatever was in it would gush out and be lost in the sand. Therefore, as soon as the cap was loosened, they turned it just a little at a time and then very slowly. Finally, a small amount of oil game out which they cupped in their hand and put it on a scrap of the destroyed plane, and then, Jason with his cigarette lighter, lighted the oil and it began to burn. They jumped for joy. An entire barrel of oil to use to help start fires. But Jocelyn still was anxious to burn the bodies, now dried out by the hot sun, and was willing to use some of the precious liquid to make the bodies ready for their cremation. Not knowing how soaked the shore line was with the run off gas from the plane, they moved the now nearly naked bodies, having been stripped of their shoes and outer clothes, which despite the blood, would be useful in the future, up shore away from the rest of the wreckage, and anointed with oil the bodies for their last rites. To Jocelyn the fire was a beautiful sight that brought her some real psychological relief and she fell to the ground and wept to release her fearfulness and anxiety.

The day was now mostly spent, and they were exhausted from their ordeal and salvaging, and decided to call it a day. They built a small fire pit in the sand and heated, after making a small hole in them, two cans of the canned precooked soups that had filled the beach from the destruction of the plane. Their luck that the plane was delivering so many essential things that their drug growers would have needed for survival in the hidden and distant lands from the cities of someplace in South America. They discussed where it might be safest to sleep, for they feared for anything from four legged creatures, snakes, and even the presence of other humans. Finally, they decided that the inside of the tail of the airplane, lodged far up on the shoreline sand, was the best place to crawl in and sleep for the night. With each having a pistol at their side, and having seen no other living creature nor snakes in the sand, and aided by their total exhaustion, they smiled at each other, said “Good night” and quickly fell asleep.


The sun broke in upon them, and they looked at their watches to see what time it was and were startled to see that they had slept all the way to late morning. They stretched and both declared how well rested they felt, and sprung to their feet and quickly realized that there was a need to release the watery intake of yesterday. They went quickly to opposite sides of the tail of the airplane and relieved themselves, returning with a smile on their faces that indicated that Mother Nature had made an irresistible call that had to be answered. They joked about the lack of civilized “toilet facilities” and how the primitives did their “number two”. They certainly were not staying at the Hilton. But, they decided that when they had to relieve themselves in the future, they would just excuse themselves saying that they had to go to the Hilton. Being 16 and with a 23 year old man, Jocelyn was slightly bashful, but also quite mature for her age. Jason was also relieved that Jocelyn seemed to have put the fear and the hatred towards the pilot “bastards” out of her mind, or at least on the back burner, for the time being. And she seemed a little more hopeful that they could survive now, but still hoping for a rescue as soon as possible. As such, she and Jason continued to salvage and scrape together everything that they could. The cargo bay of the plane had been ripped open and they saw what appeared to be many beneficial things there, and later when they managed to enter completely the door which had been, more broken than opened, by a large metal container that was very heavy and now lodged half way down into the sand, but they would not be disappointed. They let it be for the moment to pursue salvaging other more needful things such as gathering all the cans of precooked soup and vegetables that they could, which were many — certainly more than 200. For now that they had found shelter and felt some protection from the two guns they had attained, and also the ability to create a fire, they knew that they had to focus upon food supply, and the canned goods were the great prizes. Fortunately the water was clear, despite the thin film of gas from the wrecked plane still covering much of the area, and this clearness enabled them to see most all of the parts of the wreckage of tile plane. One by one they saved things, being convinced that every scrap of metal or plastic would be of great value in the future. The broken propellers could be used as swords or links to a fence or many other things, at least in their minds. Because they arose so late in the morning, the rest of the day went by so quickly, but they were able to take breaks and slow down their pace during their gatherings, for no one else was going to compete with them in the salvaging of materials. By mid afternoon, they decided to break off the activity for a while and relax. But after a few minutes, Jason stood up and said, “These clothes and my body are so dirty and I’m smelling the blood of the pilots on them and I am going to bath and wash my clothes down the beach on the other side of the rock barrier beyond where the gas leakage from the plane has smelled up the waters.” He then took off down the beach. He came to a large rock that was on the edge of the water and decided to bathe and wash his clothes on the other side of it. After washing his clothes he put them on the rock to dry in the hot sun, and then laid himself down on the shady side of the rock where the sand was warm but not hot. He relaxed and fell asleep. Meanwhile Jocelyn herself had well rested with a brief nap herself and decided that bathing and washing her clothes would also be a good idea. She certainly felt uncomfortable with her clothes dirty, smelling like gas and blood, and headed for the rock where she was unable to see Jason, who was sleeping on the other side of the rock. So she looked around and saw him naked and sleeping. She grinned and remained silent and returned to the sunny side of the rock and took this opportunity to wash herself and her clothes while Jason was sleeping. She managed to wash all and mostly dry it, but figured she had better put on her panties anyway before Jason woke up. It was shortly after she put on her shirt that she heard Jason, naked, going to his well dried clothes, she looked came around the rock, and surprised him with the words, “Oh, there you are.” Jason quickly grabbed the first piece of clothing he could get a hold of and covered his lower midsection. He tried to cover his embarrassment and said, “You should have knocked first.” And they both burst out laughing. Actually the embarrassing incident brought them closer together and they realized they only had each other. They headed back, feeling rested and clean, and prepared their evening cans of soup and vegetables. Then they relaxed awhile and then went to sleep in their bedroom, the tail of the aircraft. The excitement, the tensions, and the fearfulness of the previous day seemed to be fading away from their emotions, and, by and large, they considered the first full day in their “new home” to be pleasant and successful. They also felt much more comfortable with each other, and started to experience a sense of dependence and affection for each other.

Being so tired from the day’s constant activity, they slept well and morning seemed to come very quickly. Yes, another day to salvage those things that were of immediate benefit, and start to look both at some of the heavier things and also to explore the shore of the island a little more. They decided to try to move just one of the larger pieces of the plane further inland each day, for such pieces were heavy and pain’s taking in difficulty. The big metal box that had broken through the sides of the cargo compartment cast the biggest sense of curiosity upon them, so that was the one big job for the day: get it open. There was a lock on it and they were not able to find the key, even though they had emptied the pockets of the pilots and searched around the cockpit both on the land and the water. It was so frustrating. But they finally found a three foot long rod, made of strong metal. It, they decided could be used as a crowbar and give them the leverage, if they both pushed hard to pry open the latch and break the lock. After a half hour of pushing and pulling, and several breaks from exhaustion, the latch snapped and the door remained closed, but unlocked. They had no idea what was inside, but the sense of achievement they felt caused a smiling and high-fiving celebration. Once more they took a little break rejoicing in their victory over the lock. Then they, hoping desperately for something that was very useful, approached it and found the cover to be quite heavy and needed their united effort to lift it up and bend it over exposing its contents. Wow! Now there was no doubt that their captors were working with a drug cartel, and the payment for the delivered drugs was right there before them: perhaps twenty automatic rifles, loads of ammunition, and two large briefcases filled with hundred dollar bills. Jocelyn laughed as she picked up a pack of one hundred dollar bills and said, “Now, let’s go shopping.” Laughing loudly and with a satirical grin, she jumped as high as she could and declared, “It’s only eleven in the morning, we can shop all day.” It was so ridiculously funny that Jason started to laugh and play along saying, “Great, but first I want to get a hamburger and a malt, and check out the waitresses.” “We deserve it: it’s been tough these last three days and we have every right to shop and dine all day. The first thing I want is a good warm pair of pajamas and a pillow”, declared Jocelyn. Jason, looking around at the trees and the brush, thought perhaps he would want a motorized chain saw. They calmed down and came to realize what was important to them now was nothing luxurious, but how many things they would buy if only possible to make life livable where they now were on a very isolated island.

As they sat there, they talked about the possibility that the drug cartel might figure that with so much money and the many weapons that the plane was carrying might motivate them to make a very strong effort to find them. They certainly were not comforted by such a thought. But they knew the pilots had flown way outside the given scheduled route pattern, and the fact that they would not be able to land a plane there somewhat reassured them that they were pretty safe. To better assure themselves, they each took out an automatic rifle and loaded them with ammunition, and shot a few rounds. “Good,” said Jason, “we can each carry one of these with us as we explore the island. Well, at least one of us should carry one of the automatic rifles, but they do seem to weight about 10 pounds. We each still have our pistols.” Jocelyn wanted to shoot her rifle a few more times, just to feel more comfortable with it, before they ventured out for an afternoon investigation of some of the island. She was a strong and athletic woman, but had never experienced the feeling of the kickback and power of such a gun. So now she did.

They rested and ate a needful lunch, and then decided to walk the beach for about a half a mile. They simply closed the metal box, confident that no one else was there to find it. When they returned, they would figure out just what to do with it all. However, they did take the two brief cases of money and placed them close to the tail of the plane and covered them with some brush before their beach walk. They felt funny leaving their area of comfort, but also felt a sense of adventure scouting out the territory in which they would be living, at least for a while. They were joyously startled as they came upon a small creek that was coming out of the hillside between clusters of rocks and exited into the ocean. They immediately put their hands in the rather cool and clear water. What a joy! They had water to drink, and quickly cupped their hands and drank some of the cool and refreshing water. They had not thought about it much before as they had many bottles of water and soft drinks, but now they realized how important it was to have a natural source of water. The sand was hot and so were their bodies from the sun’s heat, and thus it somewhat happened automatically that they began to splash water upon each other, even if the coldness of it made them jump a little in reaction to it. But it was fun and it was joyous. Water, cool clear water. They now were feeling more comfortable with their situation, and decided to walk about a quarter mile further. Again, a confidence building sight of fish swimming close to a natural pier like row of rocks that went about 100 meters into the sea. They walked out to the end of the pier of rocks, and looked up and down the coastline. The distance between them and the gigantic rock with the hole in it gave them a sense of “their territory” now. From the pier in the opposite direction they could also see the end of the island, which they now knew was not much more than a mile long, but the remaining distance and the entire other side of the island remained a mystery to them. But how wonderful was this third day turning out to be, and they were in a happy mood as they walked their way back to their “home” site.

After a few minutes of rest, they decided, out of fear of being sighted by a reconnaissance flight by the drug cartel, to break off larger branches from the trees and camouflage the larger parts of the aircraft that remained stuck in the water or were on the beach but too heavy to move. It was not easy, and seemed a real drudgery compared to the happy and comfortable walk down the shore, but it was, to them, an essential action. After feeling that they had done the needed work adequately, they called it a day and prepared supper; more heated canned foods. The sun had now set, and they were happy to settle down in the tail of the plane for a third night’s sleep.

As they awoke the next morning, they discussed what were the most important things to do and in what order. They decided that it was necessary to clear out the entire cargo bay of the plane to find out exactly what they had, and after that to gather all the fruits and the seeds from the fruits that were eaten by the pilots, who spit out the seeds on the back of the plane, supplementing what they had already found and put in the tail of the plane. They realized they had to plant everything possible in order to have a variety of food, for they could not live on fish alone in the future. The cargo bay was big and apparently filled all the way to the back, which was a very hopeful sign to them that would be well supplied with different things that would prove to be indispensable for their life on the lonely island. One by one they picked up packages and opened them: bonanza! They found kitchen utensils, medicines, ten sleeping bags, some basketball hoops and two basketballs, tools for wilderness living: shovels, axes, saws, pliers, a hammer and at least a thousand nails. They found canvases, plastic containers, and clothes that were mostly men’s, and some heavy boots and working shoes. Yes, they finally went shopping, and with great enthusiasm, Jocelyn shouted, “What a shopping spree, never in my life have such things looked so beautiful — but, darn it, where is my pillow.” They both laughed, as she uttered, “I want everything!” Even before all cases were taken out and opened, they sat down and for the first time said a prayer, thanking God for their escape from the cartel people and for an airplane full of blessings. They both cried a little, hugged a little, and sat down to rest, for they, in their enthusiasm, had worked ceaselessly for more than two hours. They then decided to break for lunch.

After the meal break, they were anxious to return to see what was in the last few feet of the cargo bay. They found, yes, they found five flashlights and several packages of unopened batteries. The nights had been pitch dark and when they looked out the tail of the plane, their “bedroom”, they could see nothing at all, and it had frightened both of them on more than one occasion. Likewise, they found a large carton of candles. “Let there be light, and there was light!” shouted Jocelyn.

Jason was likewise thrilled at all that was in that cargo bay, but he took special delight in the joy that Jocelyn so openly expressed over every thing they found. Jason said that it would be nice if they found and easy to set-up prefabricated house or shed. And, lucky for them they found one, but were quickly disappointed with it was evident that it was a small storage shed, too small that anything but a pet could live it. Each item they found they had taken up the grade as far as the tail, and had set each thing down in order. When they came across the canvasses, they started to build a larger storage place, fortified by the empty cases and boxes themselves and covered with the canvasses. To drag the entire cargo bay uphill to high on the sand was simply out of the question at this time, and they did not want to leave the equipment in it any longer for fear that a storm might wash that section of the plane back into the water, as it was right at the water’s edge. Even a real high tide could threaten it. One of the great thrills that they found at the very end of the cargo department was more canned and packaged food. They, upon seeing it, smiled and expressed a sense of relief that they had more grace time to learn to catch and grow what they needed to eat.

“Yes, yes,” said Jocelyn, “now we won’t have to depend on home delivery pizza — those guys are always late.”

After a little laughter, Jason, acting rather seriously, said,” Actually, I could really enjoy a pizza and a beer now.” For it was still rather hot for that time of the day.

“You would corrupt me with beer,” said Jocelyn, and continued, “you know I am only 16 and you would be in a load of trouble.”

“Not so,” declaimed Jason, “for this is the Kingdom of Akademos, and we are the royal heads of it, and we make our own laws. You my dear Queen can eat and drink what you want. Ha, they speak of Camelot: it was nothing compared to the Kingdom of Akademos. We even have flashlights, and they did not, those medieval barbarians.”

“What in the world is the Kingdom of Akademos?” asked Jocelyn.

“As you know I am a Platonist philosopher, and the grove in which Plato established his Academy, was a grove sacred to the little known Greek God, Akademos. And besides, this shall be called the Platonic Island, hope of the idealistic who live in the perfect city, copied from the Eternal Ideal City in the greater cosmos.”

“You wax glibly, my dear King. Tell me, does the King of Akademos ever kiss his Queen?”

Jason smiled, and said, “This fourth day of the new era for mankind, will be indeed baptized with a loving kiss by the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Akademos.” They paused a second, and with very moist eyes and a deep sense of affection, they held each other, paused and smiled, and then kissed and kissed and kissed.

The cargo bay was emptied, they had a nice ready made supper, and each took five of the ten sleeping bags and each made his own bed. “Four for the mattress and one to sleep in,” said Jason.

“No,” replied Jocelyn, “three for the mattress, one to sleep in and one to serve as a pillow yes, I’ve finally got my pillow.” They lay down, each with his new and battery filled flashlights, and turning them on and looking out the “bedroom” for awhile, both feeling like the royalty they had proclaimed themselves to be.

They turned off the lights, and went to sleep, slightly heard in a very quite whisper were the words, “I love you, Jason.” And an even softer voice, in reply, was heard to say, “God bless the Queen.”

They thoroughly enjoyed the night sleep, having been armed by their flashlights against the total darkness and comforted by the “luxury” of the sleeping bags, they felt almost as if they were living in civilization. After rising they gave each other a hug and bragged about the great night’s sleep. There was no doubt about the encouraging effect the abundance of materials found in the large cargo bay had upon them. They had their breakfast and estimated that they had enough precooked canned food for between six and eight months. But to be honest, they also knew this may be their home for a long time, even years, and they needed to develop a local source of food. They could eat fish and plant a garden. They thought of the fish first, and tried to figure out how to catch them, for they were not grizzlies who could wade out into a cold and fast flowing river and grab the fish. They had no fishing poles, no spears, and no nets. When Jason heard Jocelyn say no nets, he immediately realized that there must be one of the boxes that had nets for the basketball hoops that they had found. Off they went to the unopened boxes, looking frantically for some nets. Of twenty yet unopened boxes, they picked the ones that were lightest. In the first, they found some fabrics, and that was a delight. The second had some paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper.

“Now if only we had a toilet,” said Jocelyn.

“True,” Jason responded, “but I will still enjoy the soft wipe.”

“I can go for that,” replied Jocelyn.

“Damn, this place is going to be a Hilton after all,” laughingly said Jason. They giggled a little about the joys of having a more enjoyable toilet each day, “for it was the little things that count,” added Jason.

The third box had the nets for the hoops along with other sport clothing. Joy, great joy. “Forget the fishing, I want to beat you one on one in a game of hoops,” Jocelyn challengingly said.

Jason laughed, but softly for he knew that she was renowned for her athletic abilities. They took the hoops and fastened onto them the nets and linked the nets at the bottom with some light sized rope, almost just a heavy string. But they were confident that they would be able to catch fish with them; so much so that they immediately went to the little cove in which they earlier had seen the fish. They each had a hoop net and went into action. After five minutes of frustration, Jason said, “I need a break, this is almost futile.”

“You have no endurance and even less patience, Jason, do you actually think the fish are obligated to swim directly into your net?” Jocelyn kept fishing, and Jason relaxed laughing at her growing futility. As he was about to return to the rocky water, Jocelyn shouted, “Got ya, you big fish.” Jason saw her lift up the net and run away from the water fearing the fish would escape the net and be back in the water again. It was good size fish up to 20 inches long, barely fitting into the net. It was at least a meal for two. Jason conceded, she had scored the first “basket” on him. But the one on one would continue the next day.

Since it was about time for lunch, they got their fire going, and after cutting off the head of the fish, put the fish on a frying pan, and Jason holding it over the fire with his hands in some of the heavy gloves they had found among the cargo. They were not sure what kind of fish it was, and they did not look for any salt or other flavoring spices among the other unopened boxes, but it tasted very good to them.

“Fresh fried fish,” Jason said as he smacked his lips together.

“Yes, brought to your very own kitchen by the female fisher woman of the year, who unlike her male counterpart was able to actually catch a fish,” perked up Jocelyn.

Jason consented and praised her for her skill, her patience, and her endurance that led to her success. It also gave them confidence that in a very brief time they would be able to catch a meal at the cove.

After finishing the fish they acknowledged that that task did not take so long, and they now had time to go up onto higher ground and look for a somewhat level and fertile place to start a garden. The brush covered every part of the ground and covered it thickly. So they found a rather rocky part that had hindered the growth around it, and with ax and shovel, they cleared it, foot by foot, and made a path of about thirty yards before they called it a day. The garden was certainly going to be a bigger challenge and undertaking that the fishing, but they knew they would need a garden for fruits and vegetables in the future. But that would come, hopefully, within a few more days of cutting through the brush. For the evening meal, they decided on just one can of vegetables would be enough for the both of them, for the fish was big enough to more than fill their daily needs. The sun set and after the fire went out, they walked up to the tail for the night. A hug and a kiss, and they lay down, each in their own sleeping bag.

“Great day, Jocelyn,” said Jason, trying to let her know how happy he was to be with her.

“It might even be better tomorrow,” replied Jocelyn.

Jason chuckled, and admitted that each additional day with Jocelyn seemed to be better than the last. They fell asleep.

The next day was a real struggle, for clearing and cutting their way through the thick brush foot by foot was a difficult endeavor. Even with the rocky soil much growth was present, but a move up the hill and deeper into the island was a must for them. Did the early settlers in the USA really have to do this also?

Jason tried to throw in some humor telling Jocelyn that when they completed the trail they could call it either Interstate One or the King’s Highway,

EI Camino Real. Jocelyn thought, or the Queen’s Highway might be a little better — because of the great fertility of the area, it seemed to her that the thick forest-like area should be feminine. After all, the Latin word, Silvia — meaning forest, was feminine. It was small talk, but it helped divert their attention from the fatigue that was plaguing them. They were just about to take a break after adding 15 yards to what they had done the day before, when they spotted a large container. They pulled it from the brush and it was about a 20 gallon gas can and seemly it was full. When the plane had hit the rocky face of the shore it packed a wallop and the can flew almost 60 yards away from the other wreckage. There was no smell and therefore no leakage of its contents. They were able to screw open the cap, and sure enough, they could smell that it was gas. Another gift they knew that they could surely use in the future. They then decided it was time for lunch. Leaving the can where they found it, they made their way down the hillside and prepared lunch: looking forward to lying on the shore for an early afternoon siesta. They were quite confident by now that they were alone on the island, for better or for worse.

After the lunch and naptime, they really did not want to do more cutting and clearing that day. So they leisurely opened a few more cartons from the cargo bay and were constantly overjoyed with each new item that they found. Many things, even before they sensed a need of them, were being found and prized. Late afternoon they decided to go for “hoops two” and catch a fish or two. But it was another bad day for Jason, as Jocelyn again caught a large fish that was more than enough for both of them. They cooked it, ate it, and decided to simply enjoy the sunset and relax the rest of the evening with small talk, as well as a little ribbing by Jocelyn who was now two up on Jason on the “hoops” game. Night fell, and they likewise into the sleeping bags.

Again, because of exhaustion, they slept more than nine hours and the sun rose before they did. They looked at each other, knowing that more of the clearing of the brush was before them, and they took no joy at all at the thought.

Jocelyn had another thought, “You know that this is the seventh day we have been here, and most civilized countries have the practice of not doing much work on the seventh day, if any at all.” She looked hopefully into Jason’s eyes, anticipating a confirming reply.

He playfully pauses, knowing she did not want to go back to the brush again that day, “Well, we still have some of that soft work to do, like playing hoops (trying to catch a fish or two), and a little organizing some of the cargo. So why don’t we just sort of loaf the rest of the day. But I need to wash my clothes again.”

“Jocelyn smiled and approved, but added, “You know that there are four boxes of clothes from the cargo, let’s try them on and worry about washing our old one piece of clothing for later? It will be sort of like going shopping.”

That actually sounded very good to Jason, and his one set of clothes was tom in several places. How nice, he thought, if he could find a few extra clothes to wear. So they concluded that their morning would be to go shopping in the mall (the four boxes of clothes as they called them). Even though all of the clothes were for men, Jocelyn was overjoyed. For several blue jeans fit her to a tee, being 5′ 10″ was just about the right height for most everything in the boxes, and also the heavy shoes fit her very well. Jason on the other hand had trouble even getting into the sleeveless shirts, but did manage to find a few fits. But the pants rode up pretty high on him, covering just a few inches beneath the knees and Jocelyn was quick to laugh at his appearance in them:

“You look like a comic strip teeny-bopper in those jeans,” she commented with a relaxed smile and laughter.

That Jason could take, but he became more frustrated when he tried to get into the shoes which were mostly all size nine and ten. His being 6’3″ tall showed most of all in his attempt to get his feet in the shoes. But finally, among twenty pairs of shoes he found two pairs of size eleven, and one each of twelve and thirteen. The latter two were comfortable enough, although he had hopes that the size twelve would fit better after ‘broken in’.

All the others were fine for Jocelyn, who jokingly said, “Well, women always need more shoes than men anyway. I do hope 1 have at least three different pairs that match the blue jeans I choose to wear on anyone occasion.”

“Well,” thought Jason, “I still have two more sets of shoes than I had yesterday.”

They figured it was about noon, and used some of the canned food for lunch, for they had actually skipped breakfast. They usually ate fish in the evening.

They decided to take a walk somewhat beyond both the creek and the rock pier and see what was around the end of the island. As always they took their pistols with them and Jason took an automatic rifle also. They were playing it very safe because they still had a fear factor of anything unknown on the island. As they neared the end of the island, they could see ahead a bay that was two hundred feet wide and went into the island a good 600 feet, which meant that they had to walk the inland route. The saw several large turtles there, many fish of different kinds, and what looked like some sea lions. From the bay looking west to the ocean and to the east the creek on the south side that they had already found. This river flowing into “Turtle Bay” was a small and slow moving river that came down from the large hill they had previously seen and figured it would guide them to the center of the island. So the most inland part of the bay was fresh water, but the rest was salty from the ocean water, it was not that cold. When they got to the other side, they rested awhile and talked about “their island”. It was becoming their home and they were feeling somewhat possessive of it. They laughed about it and declared their good fortune.

“Eight days ago we were both students worrying about our educational endeavors and challenges, including how to pay for them, and here today we have loads of money and own a tropical island. Let the world be envious, we have it made. Eat your hearts out you smog filled city addicted animals,” shouted Jason.

“And boxes of clothes,” replied Jocelyn. The softness of the slowly moving river and the occasional splash of a fish or sight of an ocean turtle, really gave them a sense of being close to, not only each other, but to nature itself.

“You know, Jason, it’s not really so bad here. I think I am coming to enjoy it; especially being here with you,” she softly said.

Jason also was becoming acclimated to the island, and, without a doubt, strongly attracted to Jocelyn. As they stood up, they held hands, kissed a couple of times, and started back to “home”. Going past the turn of the island, the rock pier and creek, they truly felt that this was going to be an ‘OK’ situation. They figured they had only two more real projects ahead of them: planting a garden and building a small house. However, they forgot to bring their hoops. And, after a while at home, picked up their hoops and went fishing. At about the same time they each caught one, and Jason felt like a conquering warrior in claiming his first fish, and the fact that Jocelyn had now caught her third, did not take away from his own sense of achievement.

They chuckled about the first fish and Jocelyn declared that he had finally passed his initiation and she would now take him on as a student or adept. After supper they relaxed on the beach and watched the sun set. It was a great day, and a welcomed break from the cutting and clearing that was awaiting them at the trail the next day. As they wrapped their sleeping bags around themselves, they had a little small talk. But it was evident that each was thinking of them as a pair now. And they both liked the thought of it.


Reviews of Jerry’s Books

Valerie Pellegrini, Ph.D. LMHC

Two books you have written, The Platonic Bible and Profound Charm of Plato remain my most treasured source of information, insight and wisdom. As a fellow Platonist my communication with your exceptionl work always enlightens the path to my mentor Plato. Thank you so much. We spoke once on the telephone some time ago. I still give lectures on Plato Lives, and The Relevance of Plato’s Cosmology. Every supbject I lecture on, wheater it is the mystery of consciousness – psychology, – politics, quantum Physics, etc. every venture and quest has it’s foundation in what Plato has offered this world. From one Platonist to another, my best wishes are with you always. Valerie Pellegrini Ph.D., LMHC