The Joy of Embracing God

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The Joy of Embracing God is an historical and philosophical study of man and religion and the unity between them from the very earliest appearance of man in the course of known history. It includes the cause and development of that unity of man and his religious being and the expressions and growth of that unity as it speaks to the meaning of life and the human dilemma. It shows man’s longing for continued life in any form and ultimately the desire for immortality in the very depth of eternity. Man’s religious faith and love has given a joy and a power to that very life he experiences on earth in the material realm, and enhances both the idea of embracing a God of love, who is seen as his Father, and the universe as man’s greater home, a house of immeasurable reality and beauty. The innate spirit of man, the daemon of love seeking eternal beauty, put into man’s nature by God at creation, has driven man into the arms of that Kind Creator that he might embrace Him as Absolute Beauty and Eternity Itself. The Hindus say, “Brahman is Bliss”; and Augustine declared that man has no rest until he rests in God. Again Jesus presented God as the Waiting Father with outstretched arms in patience waiting for the sons of earth to return home from their earthly journey. As the sons come home to this embrace of God, the festival of eternal joy commences, and those in the heavenly realm break out into song and dance; making music and play that man also joins in the mirth of the Eternal Garden of Eden, the Altar and Presence of God.


“If one has love, one attains to truly divine wisdom … the very truth of all religions is the Lord of love” (Srimad Bhavagatam).


Plato taught: the daimon of love within man’s soul drives him to seek out the “Heavenly Beauty (God) face to face” and upon seeing the “Good Beyond Being”, “he shall know he is God’s beloved”, and immortality shall be given him (Symposium 211-212).


Jesus declared: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Mt5:8); “If a man loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him” (In 14:23).


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