Platonic Island by Jerry Dell Ehrlich

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Platonic Island

Thought Altering Breakthrough

 The courageous young who create a new value system and battle to preserve it.


Platonic Island is a story of the bold and daring attempt of the idealistic efforts of kidnapped and abandoned young adults that are isolated upon a small unchartered island in Oceana who decided that they would create among themselves a community completely liberated from traditional social prohibitions. From the initial two survivors, Jason who was twenty-three and Jocelyn who was sixteen, came a small group that fought for their ideal world: a new value system and a break away from customary religious and social barriers in their quest to establish a dream community. Their very survival was challenged, by the elements and animal life, by pirates and other adventurers, and by natural physical needs. They fought to save their family and remain apart from the very outside world that had brutalized them in the first place, even if it meant the death of all of them.


A story of courage, romance, passion and love.


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