Postmodern Bookstore – A Thought Factory – A Video by Cory B. Ring

Postmodern Bookstore – A Thought Factory from Cory B. Ring on Vimeo.



  • Address: 1080 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91911
    Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm
    Open Most Saturdays 11am-7pm
    Closed Sunday and Monday

The Postmodern Bookstore specializes in books for those learned in the liberal arts, and those who want to be learned in such. My personal writing has included: Plato’s Gift to Christianity, The Platonic Bible and The Profound Charm of Plato: a defense of his greatness. Other works include: Suicide in the Roman Empire, Platonic Island, The Joy of Embracing God and Building a Life by Carpenter Jesus. Store phone number is 619-422-8701. Love to hear from fellow mates who want to join time in the Think Factory.

Over 17,000 Books covering many Special Interests Including:

  • World’s Greatest Literature
  • Best Sellers
  • Large Section on Philosophy and Psychology
  • Over 50 Books on Plato
  • Over 1000 Books in Spanish
  • Over 300 Books in German
  • Art and Aesthetics
  • Classical Music LPs
  • Foreign Language Dictionaries and Grammar
  • Travel
  • Archaeology,
  • International Folklore and Myths
  • Large Section on Ancient History including Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt and Rome
  • Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation and Modern History
  • Religions from the Middle East to Japan
  • Judeo-Christian
  • Ecological Interests, Animals and Conservation

Ask Dr. Ehrlich about a book that he does not carry and he will be glad to help you search for it.


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